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    Shanghai Yi Tai Instrument Co.,Ltd.is specialized in marine instrumentation. Over the past 20years,our technicalstaff continues to for ge ahead,pioneering and innovative. Now,ourcompanyis always at the forefront of the industry and takes the lead in the domestic market.

    In accordance with International Standards, National Standards,"Rules and Regulations for the Construction and Classification of Sea-Going Steel Ships" and"Test Guidance of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment for Ships and Marine Installations"issued by China Classification Society, and after years of experience in the manufacture of marine products,our engineers and technical staffaccomplished the F series of marine meters,as well as, various of generator protection and control relays. These products are in line with the ship, ship conditions(J-type meter in line with GJB150.16/18 requirements)on the measurement accuracy, impact resistance,anti-vibration performance, high temperature and humidityandother environmentalfactors.Our products meet the China Classification SocietyQualication andare therecommended marine products.

    Asweadhere tothe service principle"Quality First,User First",ourproductsare approbated by the users. The automatic quasi-synchronous device and theload distributor, which are developed by our company independently, have been appreciated by the users. Every year, nearly 100,000 sets of instruments and relays produced by our company, are used in various types of products and projects,such aslarge,mediumandsmallvesses,exportshipsand military ships,oil platforms, mobile power plants and underground engineering and etc.

    We will as always,improve the management level,enhance the technological content of products,and strive to develop qualified marine products, to meet the continuous development of China'sshipbuilding needs.

    一、电测量仪表基本类 Basic types of electrical measuring instruments


    直流电流表、电压表/ DC Ammeter and Voltmeter

    360 度全回转舵角指示器/360 degree rudder angle indicator

    交流电流表、电压表/ AC Ammeter and Votmeter

    频率表/ Frequency meter

    功率表、无功功率表/Wattmeter and Varmeter

    功率因数表/ Power Factor mete

    双路交流电压表、频率表/Dual AC Voltmeter and frequency meter

    功率电能表/ Power and Kilo-watt-hour meter

    交流电网绝缘监测仪/AC Insulation monitor

    双路交流绝缘监测仪/Double AC Insulation montor

    直流电网绝缘监测仪 / DC Insulation monitor

    同步指示器/ Synchronous indicator

    带液晶显示和并车指令同步指示器/Sync pulse type synchroscope with LCD

    带并车指令的同步指示器/Synchronous relay with indicaion

    相序指示器/ Phase sequence indicator

    带电能显示相序继电器/Kio-wat-hour meter-with PS relay

    计时器/ Hour countor

    温度表/Temperature meter

    二、电测量仪表扩展类 Electrical measuring instruments extensions


    带报警输出直流电流表和电压表/DC Ammeter and/or Votmeter with alam rela

    带变送输出直流电流表和电压表/DC Ammeter andor Voltmeter with transform output

    带报警输出交流电流表、电压表/AC Ammeter and/or Voltmeter with alarm relay

    带变送输出交流电流表和电压表/AC Ammetr and/or Voltmeter with transform output

    带报警输出频率表/ Frequency meter with alarm relay

    带变送输出频率表/Frequency meter with transform output

    带报警输出双路交流电压表、频率表/Dual AC votmeter and frequency meter with alarm relay

    带继电器输出功率表/ Wattmeter with relay output

    带逆功率继电器输出功率表/Wattmeter with reverse power relay output

    带变送输出功率表/Wattmeter with transform output

    带自动准同期的同步指示器/Automatc quasi-synchronousrelay with indication

    相序保护器和相序控制器/Phase sequence protector and/or Phase sequence relay

    带报警输出温度表/ Temperature meter with alarm relay

    带变送输出温度表/ Temperature meter with transform output

    带变送及报警输出的温度表/Temperature meter with transform and alarm relay

    三、电测量变送器模块 Electric measuring transducer


    电量变送器/Electrical measuring transducers

    温度变送器/Temperature transducer

    四、继电器模块 Relay modules


    继电器型温度变送器/Relay type temperature transducers

    温度继电器 /Temperature relay

    直流电压继电器/DC Voltage relay

    交流电压继电器/ACVoltage relay

    交流电流继电器/AC Current relay

    多功能保护装置(多功能继电器)/Mutifunctional protectorMutifunctional relay

    DB-A型多功能保护装置/DB-A Multifunctional protector

    逆功率继电器系列/ Reverse power relay series

    功率继电器 / Active power Wattrelay

    频率继电器 /Frequency relay

    交流绝缘监测模块/AC Insulation monitoring module

    直流绝缘监测模块/DC Insulation monitoring module

    同步继电器/ Synchronous relay

    五、多功能电量采集变送装置 Multi-funlctiom power acquisition and transmission


    电力数据采集装置/ Power data acquisition devic

    六、自动电站控制模块 Automatic power station control module


    自动准同期并车装置/Automatic quasi-synchronous device

    负荷分配器(调频调载装置)/Load sharing unit Frequency and load adusting device

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